MSA Statement

Modern Slavery Act and Social Responsibility Statement
Leading global reforms, in 2015 the UK issued the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 (“MSA”). Group Intellect Power Technology, Limited and it PowerLine brand (hereafter “Company”) have adopted the basic tenants of this act and have set a zero-tolerance policy regarding slavery servitude, forced or compulsory labor, child labor, and human trafficking in our own businesses and in our downstream supply chain. We are committed to taking necessary steps to ensure MSA compliance across our organization and to minimize the risks of working with any supplier that engages in such practices.

Supply Chain
Our supply chain, managed in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam, engages with suppliers of electronic components, semiconductors, metals, plastics, packaging, and printed circuit boards. Supplier surveys, periodic random audits, along with Supplier attestations are among the tools used to manage this aspect of our supply chain.

Compliance with Social Accountability 8000
With regular intervals, we retain the services of an outside internationally recognized independent 3rd party agency to perform a comprehensive review of our Vietnam manufacturing plant and to measure our level of compliance to the highest targets of compliance within the SA8000 standard. A multiday audit and random interviews with our employees in areas of worker environment, lighting and ventilation, non-use of underage labor, non-use of forced labor, health and safety programs available to all employees in the workplace, working hours, payment of living wages, support for new, expectant, or nursing mothers, worker protective equipment, hazardous material storage safeguards, machine safeguards, and freedom of association and collective bargaining. Further, auditors review policies and practices in the areas of anti-discrimination, the general treatment of workers, management policies, and training available for employees.

SA8000 serves as a benchmark standard for holding ourselves accountable for ethical manufacturing practices as we embrace the principle of treating all of our employees with dignity and respect.

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