30W Fast PD3 Charger – 2-Port AC/DC Intelligent Wall Plug Adapter, USB-C & USB-A outputs, Foldable AC Plug, Color: Black
PowerLine Model: 60001


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Product Description

Intelligent PD3.0 Fast Chargers for Consumer & Industrial Applications

The PD3.0 series of isolated AC/DC assured capacity Fast Chargers are designed for a broad range of Consumer and Industrial applications. The series delivers guaranteed output power ranging from 20W up to 100W in 4 different small compact sizes. The number and type of outputs varies depending on the size. The chargers automatically select the appropriate DC output voltage required for the user device to be charged (standard outputs are 5V DC, 9V DC, 12VDC, 15V DC and 20V DC) through an intelligent communication protocol. Each PD3.0 compliant user device has a specific charge current demand profile and the PD3.0 charger’s intelligence will automatically detect what is appropriate for the user device to be charged. With excellent full load efficiency, the PD3.0 chargers meet U.S. Department of Energy Level 6 requirements and EU CoC requirements. The chargers operate over a universal AC input range of 100V to 264V AC and provide a precise regulated single output voltage according to the demand of the PD3.0 device. The family has excellent electrical and thermal performance using creative circuit design and optimized component placements.

The series is ideal for demanding PC notebooks, mobile phones, portable devices, test instruments, and audio/video devices that also meet the specifications of PD3 as released by the USB Implementer’s Forum. Protection modes for UVP/OVP, OCP, OTP, and SCP. Low power controllers, thermal management, quality electrolytic capacitors, and layout contribute to long life and high reliability. The units are safe and certified to the international safety standard ratified by UL and Worldwide International safety requirements of countries worldwide (UL/EN62368-1 standard).

Durable, reliable and compact design: The device is encased in a durable PVC plastic and is engineered to hold up to demanding use environments. The design is small yet runs cool to the touch due to its energy efficiency.


  • Compact size
  • Robust, efficient & reliable design
  • Universal input: 90 to 264VAC; Class 2 input
  • Auto-selects to DC voltage based on various device needs
  • Range of currents & outputs: 20W-100W; 1 to 4 USB ports
  • 30W unit supports the following Power Delivery Protocols: USB-C1: PD3.0, BC1.2 DCP, Apple®; USB-A1: BC1.2 DCP, Apple®
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Meets PD3.0 standard as published by the USB Implementer’s Forum
  • Meets DoE Efficiency Level VI requirements as well as EU European Union Commission Regulation (EC) No. 278/2009 of April 9, 2009; implementing Directive 2005/32/EC for the International Efficiency Marking Protocol and EU Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency of External Power Supplies Version 5, Tier 2


  • Over-Voltage Protection: The unit automatically turns off when for any reason the 3.6V-20V output voltage reaches an internal over-voltage protection trigger point. (5.6V-25V Max)
  • Over-Current Protection: Output current is supplied within 110%-130% of the PD3 Rated load condition. When the current draw is exceeded by the user device, the PD3 unit will automatically turn off until the current is reduced, at which time it will automatically self-recover
  • Short Circuit Protection: In the event the PD3 unit is plugged into a user device that has a short circuit, the PD3 unit will automatically turn off until 5 seconds after the short circuit is removed, at which time it will automatically self-recover
  • Constant Current (CC) Limit: Output current supplied is self-limiting to 110% of the PD3 rated current specifications
  • Over Temperature Protection: Self-protecting: turns off when internal temperature reaches a safety agency prescribed unsafe temperature condition. When the temperature lowers, auto recovery starts within 5 seconds

The unit is designed for compliance with US and international Safety Agencies and is certified and approved to the following:

  • C-TUVus: UL63268-1
  • US CEC: California Appliance Efficiency Regulations
  • US DOE: Department of Energy 10DFR Part 430
  • Canada: NR CAN
  • US FCC: SDOC IC VOC: FCC Part 15 B ICES 003
  • LVD+CB: IEC 60950 IEC 62368 IEC 60320+IEC60884
  • CE EMC: EN55032, EN55015
  • ERP: ErP

Additional Options: Also available in 20W, 65W and 100W versions.

Retail Unit Box Package Dimensions

Weight: 0.24 lbs. (110 g)
Dimensions: 3.00 x 1.75 x 4.33 in. (77 x 44 x 110 mm)

US Federal Communications
Commission Certified

US DOE Level 6 Certified

International Safety Listed

For Indoor Use Only

ECO Friendly Product

Double Insulated


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PowerLine Model: 60001”

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