75 Watt Vehicle Power Socket DC/AC Inverter
PowerLine Model: 90338

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Product Description

The PowerLine 75 Watt Inverter is an AC outlet for your car, van, RV or offroad vehicle. The compact solution allows you to power a single household AC electrical item from your Vehicle Power Socket. Provides AC power for video game consoles, DVD players, computers, smart phones and more.

  • Uses your car battery for power (10-16 VDC)
  • A 120V AC outlet for your car
  • Generates 75 Watts of continuous AC power/100 Watts of peak AC power
  • Automatic Overload Protection for items drawing excess current
  • Protection against Low Battery Voltage (has a cut off)
  • Protection against High Car Voltage Cut off
  • User replaceable fuse
  • Compact size for easy storage in glove box or console

Retail Unit Box Package Dimensions

Weight: 0.47 lbs. (212 g)
Dimensions: 2.55 x 1.70 x 7.30 in. (65 x 44 x 186 mm)

1 review for 75 Watt Vehicle Power Socket DC/AC Inverter
PowerLine Model: 90338

  1. On the Road

    I travel for work several days a week and need to use my laptop while I’m on the road. This is powerful enough to keep a compact laptop like my MacBook Air fully charged, but small enough that I can keep it in my glove box. Of course, I can also charge my phone if necessary. It comes in handy to have an outlet in the car when away from the office.

    • PowerLine

      Thank you for your purchase and review of our product. We have been in the car Inverter market for a long time and have built more than 30 million of them for companies around the world. Glad it meets your needs. Stay tuned for more new products designed for fast charging. Our R&D team is using new efficient GaN technology for these new inverters and will also add new features, including one or more USB-C fast charging ports based on the new PD technology. Thanks for your comments, keep ’em coming; we love to hear from our users.

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